jueves, 22 de octubre de 2009

Maria Lionza, Queen Of Venezuela

Colour pencils and design markers on acid-free paper. Blue, red and yellow are the colours of her country's flag, thus they are her colours too. She's the mother of everything alive, and the queen of Venezuelan spiritism.

According to the legend, Maria Lionza lived locked in a cave due to her astounding beauty - she had the blood of the spanish, of the indigenous indians and of the black slaves. The cave was protected by many warriors and permanently attacked by a giant serpent who wanted to kidnap María. Eventually the giant made its way to the young princess and devoured her, but God punished the serpent and María could came out of the serpent's head among a big explosion that created all the flowing rivers in Venezuela. She was granted the privilege of being the Queen of everything that lives, of the mountains, the rivers and the whole country.

10x15 cms/ 4x6 inches, printed in high quality photographic paper, with enough border on all sides for framing. All prints will be numbered and signed by me. All prints come with a regular size white envelope. Please see profile for link. FUENTE

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