miércoles, 15 de septiembre de 2010

Carolina Gonzalez - A Latin Rootworker's Blog

Fernando’s altar to Maria Lionza – small for now, but soon there won’t be a place to put a candle. Altars grow by themselves like plants!

Maria Lionza is the main Spirit of Venezuelan Hoodoo, the Goddess of all nature and generous protector of humanity. I made this digital collage for my husband’s altar, as he is one of Her children; he loved it and suggested to offer it at the shop – and so I did!The collage was made using an antique holy card from my collection and adding several elements in Photoshop; yellow and red roses (her colours and flowers) and the Tapir, which is her totemic animal.
The card measures approx 5×8 cms, the regular size of a business card. Use it to build a mini altar, keep it in your wallet, your car or anywhere where you need her protection. The card comes in protective ziplock bag and has been printed on high quality photographic paper.


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